How to keep yourself motivated during your Job Search.

A job search can be difficult even in the best of circumstances, and there are chances to feel even more isolating in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s social distancing. Nowadays, it is even more important to be deliberate and stay focussed on what you are looking for in your job. Here are some tips to keep yourself positive and motivated while looking for a new job.

Create a network of support

When trying to expand your network, consider people other than hiring managers, management staff, or those who can help you find a job in a company. Networking also involves teaming up with others who can assist with the hardship of job-searching.

Set limits to avoid exhaustion

The human body and mind require rest and relaxation on a regular basis. Pushing yourself for an extended duration means you won’t be at your strongest whenever the chance to interview or accept a job offer arrives. Instead, alternate periods of intense focus with rest breaks and recovery. The cycles of work and rest must be maintained over time. Set aside time with limits to disconnect for peace of mind and to return more energized.

Work on your professional growth

The big picture is also crucial. Aside from applying for employment and preparing cover letters, keep an eye on your own personal growth and ambitions. Spend time on professional development activities such as watching videos, listening to audio, or reading books. Better yet, help others by volunteering for a charitable cause. Volunteering can provide opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills and connect with other area professionals, in addition to being a feel-good moment and a worthy investment in your area.

Make sure to take time for balance and self-care when looking for work

Take a lunch break, go for a walk around your area, and get the necessary 7–9 hours of sleep to stay on top of things. When you return, you will be more rested, motivated, and focused to continue your job search.

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