5 Proven Tips for Creating Positive Work Relationships

Positive connections may make all the difference in your productivity and job happiness, whether you’re working on a team project or simply chatting with coworkers throughout the day. These connections, and the ability to establish them, have become even more vital in the age of remote working.

Building relationships at work is vital regardless of your business. The workplace may be unsettling, lonely, and unsupportive for many people. According to the MHA’s That Health Survey, 63% of 17,000 respondents said work stress had a detrimental impact on their mental and physical health. 63% said they have felt isolated at work because of a toxic work environment. Building real and healthy connections with coworkers can boost productivity and provide several mental and physical health advantages.

Building solid working connections, of course, requires time, effort, and a certain amount of finesse. Read on for four strategies to establish relationships at work that can help you and your coworkers create a friendly and productive atmosphere.

Be open (but professional)

It’s crucial to be upfront and honest about your expectations, objectives, and what you plan to accomplish together when you first start working with someone. Don’t be scared to let your coworkers in on part of your personality. 

While it’s important to maintain a professional demeanor and avoid oversharing, research suggests that those who are perceived as open and honest at work are better able to form stronger bonds with their coworkers. So, if you want to start building relationships with coworkers, start by telling others about yourself!

Be a good listener.

Start by listening if you want to learn how to be a good coworker. Taking the time to listen, according to Psychology Today, may greatly enhance your working connections. The idea is to listen to comprehend rather than to reply. Everyone enjoys talking about themselves, and relationships are lot simpler to form when you listen to them and make them feel understood. 

Try to focus on what your coworker is saying and why the next time you’re in a meeting or having a chat with them. This will not only create trust and confidence, but it will also help you learn how to work together more effectively.

Ask questions

Ask inquiries if you want to form a solid bond with someone. This demonstrates that you care about them and their job. According to a Harvard Business Review research, asking questions is one of the most effective strategies to improve discussions and relationships. People are perceived as more involved, curious, and clever when they ask questions, according to the study. Furthermore, inquiries aid in the development of rapport and demonstrate an interest in the other person. As a bonus, you could discover that your colleague is interested in a topic or business area in which they are not directly involved. If you’re involved, you can seek their advice or assistance in the future. Just keep it professional by not asking too many personal questions.

Be respectful 

Being courteous at all times is one of the finest ways to create connections at work. Respect is essential in any relationship, particularly in the workplace. Respect is one of the most essential variables in evaluating the strength of a working relationship, according to a new research. Employees who feel valued by their coworkers are more likely to trust them, be involved in their job, and have a good attitude about the organization, according to the study. 

To this end, many organizations are initiating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. The objective is to create a more inviting, understanding, and courteous workplace through increasing understanding across a company.

Enjoy accomplishments

Always be the first to congratulate your coworkers on their achievements. When we celebrate our accomplishments together, we build a stronger camaraderie, which leads to a more productive workplace. When you congratulate people on their achievements, it demonstrates that you care about their success and are prepared to collaborate to attain mutual goals.

Here are some ideas for recognizing your coworkers’ achievements:

  • Greetings through email or text message
  • Bringing food or coffee to share
  • Social media posts regarding their success


It is critical to create a workplace that you love being a part of and that values you as a person. You want to be able to trust your coworkers and know that they appreciate your opinions. Even if you move employment, the professional contacts you form at work may endure a lifetime and lead to useful connections.

You may start building great workplace relationships by following the ideas above, which will help you establish a more happy and productive work atmosphere. Always be courteous, modest, and eager to provide a helping hand – these are the essential qualities for individuals who wish to learn how to be a good coworker!