How to Reach Out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn?

We all know that LinkedIn is one of the best and most professional ways to connect with recruiters in our target industry. But how do you approach a recruiter on LinkedIn in a kind manner? Or how do you approach recruiters on LinkedIn without coming across as spam and improve your chances of landing an interview with the hiring firm?

Here are some quick tips

Your Profile Is More Than A Resume

While it’s important for your LinkedIn profile to reflect your whole CV accurately and currently, don’t stop there. Consider your profile as your networking site where you can showcase your worth, your acquired talents, and your career achievements. Incorporate specific titles, skills, industries, and places into your profile’s keyword optimization strategy. You should use keywords like “marketing,” “project management,” “digital marketing,” “agency,” and “marketing” in your search, for instance, if you are seeking marketing project management jobs in the digital marketing industry. Alternatively, if you want to network more in the agency sector, you may add terms like advertising, agency, creative, etc.

Making The Connection

Make sure to tailor your message before sending the connection request. Additional dos and don’ts for sending your request are listed below:


  • Create a topic with a clear goal in mind so that the reader will click on it.
  • Give context to your statement by outlining its goal or link.
  • Include any brief commonalities or areas of interest discovered during your investigation.
  • Keep it brief, but don’t make it so brief that your aim becomes unclear.
  • Proofread


  • By sending too many messages in a short period of time, spam the reader.
  • Put your own needs first and explain what benefits they will receive.
  • Write a novel, but make it brief.
  • Be prepared for a response; developing a network requires trial and error.

Working On Your Network

You might send a message to inquire about a job opportunity you’re interested in, but more often than not, you’ll be networking with people in your sector. The best way to establish a personal connection is through a phone call, a Zoom meeting, or—if you’re nearby—lunch. By engaging in discussion, you may help your connections get to know you better and feel more confident introducing you to prospects.

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