Vet Success Program (VSP)

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Vet Success Program (VSP) at KTek!!

Who we are?

KTek has been serving civilian workforce with finding them excellent job opportunities with some of the best companies in the nation. As of 2012, KTek became aware of the need for Veteran training and employment.
Since then KTek has worked with Veterans and Veteran Agencies to create the now "VSP" program. The main objective for the VSP program is to create solutions for training and employment for veterans and their families. Through collaboration with veteran organizations and veteran friendly employers KTek has continued to grow the VSP program. To date the VSP program has assisted over a hundred and twenty veterans and family members with training and employment. KTek has not only placed veterans with other employers but has also hired veterans in key positions throughout our organization.

Reintegration services

At KTek resourcing we work closely with veteran supported organizations. Within reintegration services, we work to meet the needs of veterans and their families. These needs can vary from medical, housing, job training, job reediness and job placement. VSP evaluates veterans and equips them with reintegration services to help create a stable employed veteran family.


At KTek Resourcing we understand that many veterans lack the training needed to gain suitable employment with in the civilian community. Through the VSP program each veteran is evaluated for military skills and job interests. Translation of Military skills is the key element for the success of the VPS program. Military skills are translated through multiple evaluation sources and screening procedures.
We have adapted the strategy of listening to our clients and meeting their expectations. This has created opportunities for all those involved. Veterans are quickly placed within the job market and companies gain trained employees. This model has been a success because of the mutual interest of all parties.

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